Intelligent Automation

Next Generation Wagering Technologies


Global racing performance measurement, statistical modeling and data management system.

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RACELAB GLOBAL is our data management and quantitative modeling ecosystem that measures performance with precision using a standardised format for all racing codes. It efficiently compiles global race results data and provides the backbone for accurate future pre-race odds compilation.


Automated Live Odds Compiling & Bookmaking Risk Management System

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Utilizing quantitative fundamental and technical models, our RACELAB QUANTA sportsbook racing solution provides automation, speed and accuracy to produce higher trading margins in a rapidly evolving market place.


  • Simultaneous markets and bet types on numerous events
  • Intelligent capture and prediction of significant market movement
  • Accurate & competitive odds lines to expand positive customer experience
  • Substantial cost base efficiencies
  • Mature technology proven on extensive proprietary trading
  • Financial market level sophistication

Our RACELAB QUANTA solution is offered as either a complete turn-key managed service or a technical module to integrate into established systems…


Global Racing Wagering Informatics


RACELAB Premium Informatics provides over ten years of Thoroughbred, Harness and Greyhound research information. Premium Informatics are created utilising our proprietary A.I. based technologies in multiple languages and are designed to stimulate wagering turnover.


Wagering app development

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RACELAB & QUANTA core technology platforms provide the foundations for RACELAB to develop higher dimension mobile companion applications.


Bloodstock Industry Technologies | Consultancy

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RACELAB provides select clients with expert scientifically based insights into the valuation & performance potential of horses by utilizing our technologies & expertise for bloodstock purchases and management.

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RACELAB’s mission is to be global leader in the development of technologies that will advance the wagering and bloodstock industries. We apply our proprietary algorithmic and expert systems to create a standardized global platform for racing market odds compiling and accurate performance measurement, which provides the foundations for the development of sophisticated, next generation wagering technologies.

The company culture is to always be inquisitive and questioning. Our aim is to push the boundaries to achieve constant, dynamic evolution. The result is continual refinement of racing models, trading techniques and adaptations of technology to meet new and evolving market opportunities.

Our team is experienced across the spectrum of wagering technology creating, applied mathematics, risk management, form analysis, systems automation, artificial intelligence, product development and business management.

RACELAB acknowledges the importance of, and is committed to, full compliance with domestic and international laws and racing integrity, and working with the industry in all jurisdictions where we may be doing business. The company has offices or permanent representative associates in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, UK and the USA.